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  • Oaxaca + garlic pizza April 2, 2023
    My 6th pizza or so in our new koda 12. Had to try this recommendation. 👌 submitted by /u/brina613 [link] [comments]
  • Tonight's pizzas April 2, 2023
    submitted by /u/ToChains [link] [comments]
  • What did I put in there?? April 2, 2023
    This is the same batch of wood (same tree) I used last cook. Definitely didn't have this happen last time. submitted by /u/Ok-Commercial-924 [link] [comments]
  • Got tired of replacing batteries in the temp gauge. April 2, 2023
    Installed a plug in battery replacement submitted by /u/Ok-Commercial-924 [link] [comments]
  • Figured out a lot of what not to do and came up with this in round 2 April 2, 2023
    submitted by /u/modal_bashing [link] [comments]
  • Was going for a NY style April 2, 2023
    14” attempt at a NY style cheese. Crust was good, undercarriage was decent, only gripe was the cheese let out a decent amount of grease, I shredded a block of whole milk mozzarella, would using part skim solve this problem? submitted by /u/Doc_holliday0389 [link] [comments]
  • Keeping ooni outside but covered? April 2, 2023
    Hey all, I just built an outdoor gazebo to keep my grills and such under. I know Ooni says don't store outside but do you think it will be ok to keep under the gazebo with it's cover on it? This way it won't be in direct weather (would get wet in windy rain situations). […]
  • Hey Ooni fan...wondering if anyone has any recommendation on exterior scratches April 1, 2023
    So, I found a Fyra 12 on Facebook super cheap, never used. The only thing is that the black exterior has light scathes all over it, almost like someone was bored and drew all over it with a stick or something. Has anyone had luck with high temp paint? I'm worried that it will bubble […]
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