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  • Cold Proof Dough not rising? October 5, 2022
    Hello all! I am trying to do a cold proof using the standard ooni recipe for it, but my dough has now been in the fridge for ~ 48 hours, and certainly not doubled in size. Maybe 1.3x where it started. At this rate, it would take a *long* time for it to actually double. […]
  • Actual must have accessories for a Koda 16? October 4, 2022
    Looking to buy one this upcoming Black Friday and wanted to know what accessories were ACTUALLY needed/recommended for beginners (ex: do I actually need a thermometer? Can’t I just let it heat up for 20/25 min then be good to go?) thanks! submitted by /u/Tlexium [link] [comments]
  • Karu 16 Natural Gas out of stock workaround? October 3, 2022
    So I've had a Karu 16 multi fuel for a while now and the natural gas component has been out of stock for months. I ordered the Koda 16 natural gas conversion kit to see if I could use that kit to change the Karu 16 propane insert into a natural gas rig. It all […]
  • gas valve replacement on ooni koda 12 October 3, 2022
    Hi, I just got my onni koda 12 imported directly from USA. I am from Uruguay, it comes with the gas valve for North America propane. Here in my country the valve changes so I would have to replace it. What would be the best way to do it? change only the valve by cutting […]
  • Tonight's work October 2, 2022
    submitted by /u/m3tolli [link] [comments]
  • New Pizza: Spinach, feta, pepper jack and banana peppers on a garlic oil base. October 2, 2022
    submitted by /u/windcrestma [link] [comments]
  • My first crack at my new Karu 16 Gas went very well! October 2, 2022
    submitted by /u/Feenix77 [link] [comments]
  • Finally getting the hang of it! 4 day dough rise October 2, 2022
    submitted by /u/JustHovercraft7475 [link] [comments]