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  • My best one so far November 27, 2022
    submitted by /u/ffmcardoso [link] [comments]
  • Pizza Popup. Have you done it? how have you done it? November 26, 2022
    I'm considering getting into the world of making pizza to sell, but not sure exactly how I'd do it. It seems like the options are: 1: farmers market approach 2: selling it out of my house / garage. I'm curious if y'all have done either, and what advice you'd give to a selling pizza newbie. […]
  • Should my gas burner attachment for my Karu 12 be tilted like this? November 26, 2022
    I just recently got the Karu 12 + gas burner attachment as a birthday gift and am wondering if the attachment is normally titled like this. I've checked the back screws and they're fully in position. submitted by /u/not_a_cup [link] [comments]
  • Good books November 26, 2022
    With the festive period around the corner (this day next month it will all be over) I’m looking for a good book to buy a budding pizza aficionado, has anyone any good recommendations? submitted by /u/Sofa-King-Slow [link] [comments]
  • Cover for modular table + koda 16? November 25, 2022
    I recently purchased the medium modular table to set up my koda 16 on the deck over the winter. My wife would like the table AND pizza oven covered between uses. Does some sort of cover exist that would cover both? I figure it needs to be around 50 in h x 35 in w […]
  • Pizza sticking to stone - HELP! November 24, 2022
    Hey guys, I just got the Ooni gas fired 12in pizza oven. When I made my pizza all was well until I felt it was time to take it out on my pizza peel and turn it. But when I tried, I couldn't get my pizza peel to stick under the pizza, and then I […]
  • Caputo 00 Koda 16….gluten free. November 22, 2022
    submitted by /u/Slg0519 [link] [comments]
  • Chimney disassembly? November 21, 2022
    Is it easy to remove the uuni chimney for storage purposes? I can't find any video of it arrives with the chimney already installed or if it can be attached/un-attached easily submitted by /u/DudzTx [link] [comments]